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Registration - Næstved

Address (Næstved)
Herlufsholm Idrætscenter
Herlufsholm Allé 233
4700 Næstved

Registration - Vejle

Address (Vejle)
DGI Huset
Willy Sørensens Pl. 5
7100 vejle

Entrance for people under 10 years old

30 DKK,-

Entrance for people over 10 years old

65 DKK,-

Opening hours for audience:
10:00AM – 04:00PM

Opening hours for participants:
06:00AM – 08:00AM


Information for our english or international participants

On this page you will be able to read out all the neccessary information about Sydsjællands Reptilmesse.

Important information considering registration for Sydsjællands Reptilmesse

We have decided to set a limit on accessories, feeders and animals in each arena. This means when the limits has been reach in the first arena, we will give you a spot in the second arena. When all the slots have been filled, you will be on a waiting list. This list will be in use if there are tables left.
We will make an announcement of all participants on facebook. When the payment is registered and the days up to the expo To make it fair for all, we will announce the people with the payment registration closest to the day of the expo.
When you send in the registration form you will receive a confirmation, that is has been received. Shortly after you will receive an invoice, with a 14 days payment deadline. If this deadline is not being met, we may be forced to cancel the registration.

Rules during the expo

During the expo we have some simple but very important rules to follow. Those rules was created to make sure that all participants can enjoy the expo as much as possible, and for the animals safety.

It is strictly prohibited to bring animals that are illegal to breed or keep in Denmark.
I you wish to sell or display any other types of animals than reptiles, amphibians ect, please contact the organizers for a special approval of this.
Rodents (mice/rats/polecats)
We wish to keep this a reptile expo, we wish not to have any registrations on the above mentioned categories unless it is as feeders. However there can be given waiver if is extremely rare/exotic animals. In that case please contact the organizers.

Read our rules detailed in Danish

If you want to grab a look at our ruleset in details, we have dedicated a full page for that. Kindly press the button to read out our full set of rules in the language of danish.

Smoking not allowed inside during the expo

Smoking is allowed outside during the expo

Smoking has to take place outside in the relevant areas

Any kind of liquor is not allowed in the arenas

There will be cafeteria tables to enjoy all kinds of liquor

Some practical information about our expo


By sending the registration form, you accept a payment more than 30 days before the expo. If the expo is cancelled you will receive your full payment back.


It is prohibited to make any sales to people under the age of 16. Parents (by documentation) have to give permission, along as witness the trade.


Any damages to the building, floors or facilities should be replaced by the authors insurance. The owners of the animals have the full responsibility.


All feeders have to beheld in boxes ect. which can be sealed so no feeders can get out. You have the full responsibility to make sure your box is safe.

Laws and rules

It is 100% vendor / exhibitor’s responsibility to know the laws and regulations that are about the animals / plants and accessories brought to the fair. The organizers of the fair can’t be held responsible.

There may not be sold / displayed animals covered by Annex A of the Environment and Energy Statutory Order No. 499 of 27 May 1997 on the conservation of wild fauna and flora by regulating trade therein (Washington Convention / CITES) without permission is obtained Forest and Nature Agency.

– This means that for all “Annex A” animals are displayed or sold at the fair, must be a valid CITES certificate.
In doubt you can contact the CITES office on +45-7254-2423 weekdays between 9 and 12.
It is for each time the seller / exhibitor who bear full responsibility for the animals sold / exhibited on the stand, regardless of ownership. The animals which have changed ownership (sold) bear the responsibility of the owner / purchaser.

The transfer of the animals shall be accompanied with appropriate care sheet if requested by the buyer.

All animals (including feeders) should be kept in escape ensure terrariums or boxes.

Animals brought to the expo directly to the animals’ individual temperature, water and food requirements are met throughout their stay at the fair.

– Water and swamp animals must have access to water at the appropriate temperature

– All animals present at the expo have to be able thermo regulate. Ie there shall be hot during each sales / exhibition box. Animals that do not require continuous high heat must be carried in boxes or the like where they can get away from the heat source. Animals may max record one third of the space in their sales / exhibition boxes. There may apply for exemption in advance for this. This waiver shall be on the table by the animal during the fair. To get this exemption should be able to submit written proof from the Food Administration that the animal does not need heat.

– Storage boxes / cages / terrariums must be of such size that animals can lie / stand in natural positions.

– All animals which requires, in particular, mammals must have access to fresh water.
Terrarium / aquarium / cage ratio

All terrarium / aquarium / cages must

– Be hygienic

– Not overcrowded

– The device must not harm animals

– Size and decor are tailored to the individual animal

No thank you to advertising

It is only allowed to advertise for own goods / shops at the expo. It is not allowed be any means to advertise other fairs unless otherwise agreed with the organizer. All advertising must only be at its own stand. No hanging posters or similar on the walls or otherwise. Distribution of flyers are neither allowed. Unless otherwise agreed with the organizer.

Any violation of the rules leads to eviction of the expo